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February issue /2022

Top 5 Software Apps to Make Vets' Lives Easier

Why make your veterinary center more technological?

In a world increasingly immersed in technology it is unthinkable to live without it. After all, it is present at our homes, in our cars, and even in our workplaces.

Veterinary clinics are no exception. From the simple invoicing software to the most varied medical equipment, technology is an essential and very important asset for the functioning of any veterinary center.

Why is technology a MUST in veterinary medicine?

Technologies allow, among other things:

- To make interactions between veterinarians and their animal patients easier, even in the most remote and inaccessible locations;
- Increase the quality of life provided to our animals;
- Increasing the average life expectancy of the various animal species;
- Obtain increasingly safe and innovative treatments;
- Ensure accurate diagnoses in a timely manner;

With pet parents becoming more and more demanding, it is essential to have technologies of the highest level that allow effective and prompt treatment. Failures are not allowed and pet parents no longer accept a "not possible" as an answer.

Therefore, in order to make your veterinary center even more innovative, it is essential that you invest in a good veterinary teleconsulting services provider such as VetExpertise.

We face many clinical cases on a daily basis and getting a second opinion or even advice is always very welcome. With VetExpertise you can do this at the click of a button and get in touch with the best and most experienced veterinary professionals in the most varied medical specialties from all over Europe and North America, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and in all languages.

Top 5 Software Apps chosen by VetExpertise to make vets' lives easier!!

Vetology AI Software interprets your radiology images powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, along with full interpretations by Board Certified Radiologists. You get an X-Rays’ report within few minutes. It helps Veterinary Clinics and Animal Hospitals who offer X- Rays and other radiology imaging services to address the real business needs of reducing costs, improving patient care, and getting a valuable 2nd opinion in the Vet’s hands in minutes.

Wisevet Pro is software application for Veterinary Referral Hospitals and Veterinary Groups. It increases the time and team efficiency, brings the quality of services to the highest level, increases economic profit, increases client satisfaction, and promotes team work and mental health in the workplace.

It consists of a 100% online platform, with pre-designed forms that are very easy and quick to fill in, no need to print the forms and scan it after, it includes upload areas for every type of files and folders (MRI/CT dicom folders, pdf, mp3, mp4, jpeg, etc), and also a DICOM viewer.

With Wisevet pro the Veterinary Referral Hospitals and Veterinary Groups will be able (1) to perform 2nd opinion online consultations in an organized and very efficient way, overcoming the loss of time with constant phone calls and email for this purpose, with a payment method included; (2) to receive the referrals in an organized and concise way. You will spare a lot of time reading the referred cases; (3) to have a platform that includes all the Veterinary Centers and/or Veterinary Surgeons that are part of a Veterinary Group allowing the sharing of clinical cases, ideas, protocols, events, etc.

Veterinary Calculators includes is a software application that includes Emergency Drugs, Anesthetics, CRI's, Fluids, Antibiotics, Common Veterinary Drugs (My Drugs), Calorie Requirements, Blood Glucose Curve generator, Chocolate Toxicity, Rodenticide Poisoning, Blood Transfusions, Blood Pressure, Trauma Triage calculators, Feline Grimace Pain Scale, Modified Glasgow Coma Score, Cushing’s Diagnostic Prediction Tool, Mitral (MINE) Score, IRIS Stages, Pregnancy Due Date and Pet Age calculators, and Unit Conversion Calculators. With Vetcalculators is quick and easy drug dose search and calculations on the Home page for over 170 drugs! Enter a Drug name in the searchbar and easily calculate a dose.

With this application you will be prepared for any case of toxicology. With practical guides on the most varied poisons and accompanied by the various clinical signs manifested, you can easily identify the causative agent of toxicity and apply the most effective treatments.

It contains in depth toxicology notes, composed by an experienced emergency veterinary surgeon. To serve as an educational aid for other veterinary surgeons and students.

Over 2000 pet poison descriptions: toxicological effects; clinical signs of poisoning; possible canine treatment protocols; highly detailed botanical descriptions of poisonous plants, with around 4000 images to help with identification; six toxin categories: inside the home, outside the home, medications, plants, mushrooms and venomous animals.

Would you like to have a library in your pocket? With this application, this is possible. This app allows you to access the entire contents of the Merck Vet Manual and answer many questions that arise in your day-to-day clinical practice.

This app provides veterinarians, students and other animal health professionals with clear, practical explanations of thousands of conditions across all body systems. It covers etiology, pathophysiology, and options for diagnosis and treatment.

The trusted Merck Veterinary app offers: thousands of topics written and updated regularly by more than 400 veterinary experts from more than 20 countries; photos, illustrations, and video of thousands of disorders and diseases; quizzes to check knowledge of veterinary disorders, signs, and treatments; interactive case simulations to test ability to treat a specific patient over the disease course; clinical calculators; and numerous reference guides and hundreds of useful tables. • Pet health content* written in consumer-friendly language for clients • FAQ and User Guide

Do you know any other applications that you would like to suggest us?

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We wish all our readers a fabulous February!


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Vetexpertise Team