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December issue /2021

Say No to Brachycephalic breeds!


Pug, French and English Bulldog, Pekingese, Shih- Tzu, Boxer, Cavalier King Charles...
What do they all have in common?
If your answer was brachycephalic skulls you got it right!

Are the guardians becoming aware of the brachycephalic problems?
Even though they still prefer these breeds? What are their reasons?
Are they aware of the absence of quality of life of these breeds?

The brachycephalic breeds, so world famous and desired, have an average life expectancy of about 8 years, due to the many problems they present.

Can you imagine having to accommodate the entire contents of a 7,5 cm muzzle, in a 3 cm muzzle? Yes, because that's what happens. The soft palate is not smaller, the nasal turbinates are not smaller... it's like trying to fit the contents of a Minivan into a Fiat Cinquecento, it just goes wrong!

So severe breathing problems arise caused by elongation of the soft palate, stenosis of the nostrils, eversion of the laryngeal sacs and tracheal hypoplasia.

When you think that these are the only breeds that are happy with the presence of an endotracheal tube, because it is the only time in their lives free of hypoxia, it makes you wonder how distorted and wrong the quality of life of these breeds is.

Besides respiratory problems, these breeds also have other problems such as digestive, ophthalmological, neurological, reproductive, etc.

The English Bulldog is unable to reproduce naturally. The great majority of brachycephalic females have dystocia... Is it nature trying to act and we humans preventing it, as the all powerful beings that we are?

Despite the fact that the veterinary community is against the reproductive continuity of these breeds, since all the pathologies associated with them compromise not only the animal's welfare, but also the welfare of the guardians, who are completely devastated by the suffering of their animals, they continue to be one of the most reproduced breeds in the world!

Do brachycephalic breeds resemble human babies?

For guardians of brachycephalic breeds, the most considerable factor in their choice is undoubtedly their appearance. The shape of the muzzle of the brachycephalic dog resembles babylike human features and triggers positive and tender emotions in the guardians. This is the main reason for the enormous success of these breeds among guardians.

Therefore, the choice of these breeds reflects the evolution that our society is undergoing: the vast majority of modern couples, due to social, professional, personal, or other factors, choose to have a pet, renouncing motherhood and fatherhood. But maybe is there an instinct that prevails and it reflects in this choice?


It is evident that women are more likely to acquire these breeds than men!

Another equally important factor for the acquisition of these animals is the fact that the guardians feel that walking this type of animal through the streets gives them a certain social status.

Unfortunately this passion for the brachycephalic breeds is not limited to dogs, having already extended to cats, rabbits and even horses.

A movement called "Vets against brachycephalism" was created to give voice to veterinarians around the world, so that together they can increasingly reduce the reproduction of these breeds and raise awareness among guardians.

If you share the same opinion, join this movement and give your contribution!

Yours always,

Vetexpertise Team